3 Types of Lawn Mowers & Their Specialties

Since its invention in 1830, the lawn mower has essentially become a necessity for the majority of homeowners all over the world. Over this time, the lawn mower market has increased greatly, which has led to mowers becoming not only much more efficient in many ways, but also specialised and designed for different budgets. So, what are some of these different designs, and what are some of their specialties?

Non-Mechanized Reel Push Mowers

Being the first patented lawn mower design, the non-mechanized reel push mower is very simple, yet rather efficient. The common push mower is inexpensive, has relatively few moving parts, and requires no fuel, as it is powered completely by the force of its operator, who need only push it in front of them whilst walking.

So, if you don't mind a bit of exercise, have a small to medium-sized lawn, and would rather not spend too much on a mower, then you should certainly consider purchasing a non-mechanized push mower.

Rotary Push Mowers

Likely being the most common mower in Australia, the rotary push mower is great for those who would prefer a motorised blade to do the grass-cutting. Though commonly much more expensive than their non-mechanised cousins, rotary push mowers are quite a bit more time-efficient, and will typically leave a better-cut lawn, due primarily to their more advanced and powerful blade systems.

You should consider a rotary push mower if you have a small to large-sized lawn, a bit of spending money, and enough patience to walk up and down you lawn every week or so.

Ride-on Mowers

Ride-on mowers are commonly seen as top-of-the-range mowers, and not without reason. Though much more expensive than most other mowers, the ride-on mower comes with many perks over its cousins, making them certainly worth the price to some.

Ride-on mowers hold an up-scaled rotary blade system, often with many different grass-cutting settings, so they can get the job done both much faster and with more precision than most other forms of mower. The seat and steering systems of the ride-on mower also make the mowing experience more of a drive through a field than a chore. Ride on mowers are almost always the best option for those with large budgets, medium to large sized lawns, and little patience for physical labour.

So, if you're looking for a mower for your new lawn, or simply want to replace an old mower, consult with suppliers like Mower Accessories.