Gardening with Wee Ones: Making it Fun and Educational

Four Reasons To Cover Your Garden Beds With Mulch

A beautiful lush garden provides a welcome retreat from a hectic day; just sitting among foliage and flowers evokes a calming vibe. However, sometimes the plants need additional help. Here are three reasons to consider spreading mulch across your garden beds. Reduces Weeding Chores For many people, weeding is not a favoured activity. Getting on your knees to pull out endless weeds is not that creative nor enjoyable. Mulch provides a simple solution—it covers the soil and inhibits weed growth so you can express yourself by planting and landscaping or else through merely lounging in your backyard. Read More 

Hydroponic gardening tips | Must have supplies for indoor gardening

Hydroponic gardening is becoming a popular activity in today's world. You can grow your plants in a limited space and still have them achieving their full potential. However, you have to know exactly what your plants need at any time. If you're thinking of starting such a business, then here are some of the supplies and tools you need to have for a successful project. PH test kits These are perhaps the most important supplies you'll have to get from your nearest hydroponic store. Read More 

Tips for Successfully Using a Rented Skip Bin

Most people will rent a skip bin when they're ready to tackle a major home improvement project or renovating job, or even when they want to give their home a thorough spring cleaning. A bin can mean keeping your property clean and not risking damage to your truck or other vehicle when hauling debris to the dump yourself. Before using a bin hire, you might want to note a few simple considerations. Read More 

Tips for Ensuring That Newly Installed Lawn Turf Becomes Healthy and Strong

A new lawn turf can easily fill in bare spots on your lawn or take the place of an entire lawn itself, if you want something green and lush without having to wait for grass seed to grow. When you install new turf lawn you need to ensure your care for it properly so it doesn't get damaged before it has a chance to take root, as a newly installed turf lawn is not like a lawn that has had time to grow strong roots. Read More 

3 Types of Lawn Mowers & Their Specialties

Since its invention in 1830, the lawn mower has essentially become a necessity for the majority of homeowners all over the world. Over this time, the lawn mower market has increased greatly, which has led to mowers becoming not only much more efficient in many ways, but also specialised and designed for different budgets. So, what are some of these different designs, and what are some of their specialties? Non-Mechanized Reel Push Mowers Read More