Key Factors Affecting the Choice of a Mulch Delivery Spot

Mulch delivery services are crucial if you plan to landscape your lawn. It is particularly the case if you have a busy schedule and can only spare a few hours over the weekends. Unfortunately, too many homeowners do not think about what will happen once a delivery truck arrives. If you do not prepare well and designate a spot for mulch delivery, you risk affecting your load's quality. This article highlights factors that determine the choice of a mulch delivery spot. 

Type of Mulch

The type of mulch you plan to use on your landscape determines whether to have it delivered on your driveway or backyard. For instance, if you order gravel mulch, the last place you want it delivered is a driveway. The reason is that gravel mulch tends to cause stress to concrete if unloaded on a driveway, creating small pits. Similarly, dyed mulch should not be emptied on a concrete driveway because it will likely stain the surface. Dyed mulch is best unloaded on soil or grass spots, to avoid damaging concrete surfaces.

Proximity to Project Site

How far is the drop-off area from a project site? A project site also largely determines a mulch delivery site. For example, if you want to mulch the flower garden in your backyard, you should ask delivery services to unload the mulch in your backyard. If your property's backyard cannot be accessed by a delivery truck, you can have the mulch delivered in bags. This way, delivery services can carry the bags to the backyard in wheelbarrows. However, if your project is situated around the front yard or gate region, you can ask delivery services to unload the mulch on the driveway for easy access. That said, you must first lay a tarp on the driveway to prevent damage and staining.

Protection from Weather Elements

Weather conditions can adversely affect the mulch delivered on your property. Although rainfall does not affect mulch quality, it does not mean that you should have it delivered on an unprotected spot. It is because wet mulch is heavy and difficult to scoop. Additionally, it is challenging to use wet mulch efficiently; therefore, the best approach is to have mulch delivered in a sheltered spot. Moreover, delivering mulch made from dry wood chips or leaves in the open and during windy conditions is not recommended. However, you do not have to worry about preparing a sheltered delivery spot when ordering gravel mulch.