Hydroponic gardening tips | Must have supplies for indoor gardening

Hydroponic gardening is becoming a popular activity in today's world. You can grow your plants in a limited space and still have them achieving their full potential. However, you have to know exactly what your plants need at any time. If you're thinking of starting such a business, then here are some of the supplies and tools you need to have for a successful project.

PH test kits

These are perhaps the most important supplies you'll have to get from your nearest hydroponic store. Testing the pH of the solution is monumental because it's what determines how well the plants would utilise the nutrients. Most plants thrive best in a slightly acidic environment, but this can vary depending on the plant.

Having pH test kits enables you to adjust the pH of the solution accordingly. You could even have an electronic pH meter or a pH drop kit. Electronic testers can give you more accurate and easier to read results. However, they are expensive. PH drop kits are cheaper and can still tell you the pH.

Watering system

The watering system also needs to be up to the task. Have a water purification system in your setup. Purifying the water gets rid of compounds such as chlorine that may be bad for your plants. A TDS meter could help you know the amount of dissolved minerals in the water.

You could go for a watering system that gets water directly to the roots of the plants. Some watering systems also have a heating elements to keep the temperatures at optimum levels.

A pump timer is a good addition to a watering system as well. A timer cuts off the water supply after a specified time frame to keep the plants watered but prevent you from using too much water.

Heater and air pump

The heater and air pump take care of the roots. The best part about hydroponic systems is that the roots use less energy 'mining' for nutrients from the soil and spend that energy above the ground growing. However, to keep the productivity high, the roots need to get exactly what they need.

The temperatures should always be at their optimum. Once they get too high, the roots start struggling to survive, and the plant suffers from heat stress.

An aquarium air pump can go a long way in aerating the solution. Also, add an air stone for extra oxygen for the plant.