Four Reasons To Cover Your Garden Beds With Mulch

A beautiful lush garden provides a welcome retreat from a hectic day; just sitting among foliage and flowers evokes a calming vibe. However, sometimes the plants need additional help. Here are three reasons to consider spreading mulch across your garden beds.

Reduces Weeding Chores

For many people, weeding is not a favoured activity. Getting on your knees to pull out endless weeds is not that creative nor enjoyable. Mulch provides a simple solution—it covers the soil and inhibits weed growth so you can express yourself by planting and landscaping or else through merely lounging in your backyard.

Saves Water

Whether or not water is scarce in your region, any improvement that saves this precious resource can't hurt. Mulch shields the earth underneath and hinders moisture from evaporating into thin air. In un-irrigated gardens, mulch will reduce the time you need to spend standing around with a hose.

Nourishes The Soil

Some mulches, such as straw and lucerne, break down into the soil, improving its richness. Lucerne, in particular, releases nitrogen to increase the health of vegetable gardens. Other types—bark and woodchips, and river rocks and pebbles—work as ground cover protecting the garden beds without adding extra nutrients. Check with your garden suppliers about the best options for your garden; some fresh barks draw nitrogen from the soil as they break down.

Beautifies Your Garden

Mulches add texture and colour to garden beds—some more than others. Straw adds an even soft texture, which is more attractive than soil. Bark and wood chips come in a wide variety of hues, including warm red, pale blonde or dark charcoal. While the bark of different tree species naturally varies, sometimes safe vegetable or other non-toxic dye covers wood chips with other stylish hues.

Alternatively—softly rounded river rocks and gravel bring blues, greys, pinks, fawns, creams and various other shades to your garden. Each rock type adds its characteristic tones. Scatter a pebble-mix of relatively uniform creams, or else combine blues, tans and whites for a multitoned effect. 

Smooth, hard stones provide the perfect foil against feathery green foliage and colourful flowers. You can harmonise the mulch with other hues in the landscape, whether from your home's cladding, pathways, patios or plant life. You'll also have a selection of pebbles sizes to choose from to create different effects. 

Before booking a mulch delivery, consider the impact you want to create in your garden. You can phone or talk in-person to an expert beforehand for further advice and ideas.