Tips for Successfully Using a Rented Skip Bin

Most people will rent a skip bin when they're ready to tackle a major home improvement project or renovating job, or even when they want to give their home a thorough spring cleaning. A bin can mean keeping your property clean and not risking damage to your truck or other vehicle when hauling debris to the dump yourself. Before using a bin hire, you might want to note a few simple considerations. This will ensure you're ready to use it safely and properly.

1. Separate recyclable materials

If you're very eco-conscious, first separate recyclable materials from other materials before you put them in the bin. Many bin rental places also have separate containers for recyclable items, and it's good to ask about what can be put in those. You may be surprised to find out that materials like roofing tiles and shingles, concrete, paver stones, and even appliances can be recycled. By asking for a separate bin and getting a list of things that can be put in the recyclable bin, you can keep these items out of landfills.

2. Don't put the bin too close to your home

You want a bin to be within easy reach when you're cleaning out your home, but a common mistake for homeowners is to put it too close to the home. This can cause damage when someone tries to toss something in the bin and it hits the house instead, or winds up in your landscaping features. It's especially important to note this when people will be tossing things off the roof or from a second story window to the bin. It's often good to rent a chute with your bin so that you hook this to the roof or window and connect it to the bin, for easier and cleaner disposal of your items.

3. Use tarps

No matter where you place your bin, you'll still have some mess around the bin itself. It's good to get oversized tarps and put these down in the area so that you protect your lawn and your landscaping. If you cannot rent tarps with the bin, you can easily find them at any hardware store or home improvement center. Get thick tarps that won't easily rip when you wheel the bin over it or when you toss out your debris. Once the job is done you can then roll the bin off the tarp, have a friend help you lift up the corners of the tarp and empty any caught debris in the bin.